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Many investors looking to buy property abroad might also be looking to immigrate to that country. Through our network of immigration lawyers in China and all over the world Atlas Blue can help our clients understand the legal system of other countries and the best way to immigrate there.

We have lawyers who specialize in immigration law in every country that we sell property in, and we can recommend consultations with our clients to discuss the best avenue to move forward.


Many of our buyers have children whom they intend to send to school abroad. Our team of lawyers can assist in recommending the best course of action to ensure that your child might have the opportunity to stay in the given country after he or she graduates.


Although immigration is becoming more difficult in developed countries as governments start to change laws, one rule has remained constant and that is, investing in a country in the right method will help facilitate a residency or citizenship process. Different countries have different amounts that are required to be invested and must be invested in different ways. Our legal relationships can help establish guidelines for our clients to instruct on how to meet these requirements. Please contact Atlas Blue and arrange a meeting to look at different property investment opportunities and if these will help contribute to the immigration process.

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